The United Way building is a wonderfully ornate terra cotta building that resides in the middle of downtown Cleveland’s theater district. The five-story building features decorative metal windows and railings as well as white marble panels at both the first and fifth floor of the south elevation.


  • Specified Micro-Cotta and marble replacement pieces
  • Provided connection details for new fa?ade elements
  • Worked with contractor from swing-stage scaffolding to complete review of work

Barber & Hoffman has developed an ongoing relationship with the United Way to provide assessment and repair recommendations. We have worked with the Owner’s retained contractor to complete reviews of different portions of the fa?ade based upon a three year, predetermined schedule. Barber & Hoffman has consistently provided repair sketches to the owner and contractor within three days of on-site review. This has enabled the contractor to proceed with repairs while still on site, rather than needing to shut down and return at a later date. Repairs have included patching and sealing of terra-cotta units, as well as removal and replacement of severely deteriorated materials. Replacement materials have been microcotta and white marble, in order to maintain the building’s original appearance. Barber & Hoffman has also consulted with the Owner regarding window replacements and other building enhancements to maintain this beautiful building near the Theater District in downtown Cleveland.

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