Kennedy Plaza and Riverview Plaza are both concrete and brick highrise buildings within the Lorain Metropolitan Housing Authority (LMHA) system. Concerns over loose materials led the LMHA Board to ask Barber & Hoffman to complete a fa?ade assessment for each structure leading to repair documents.


  • Completed review of each building’s repair history, including previous repair drawings and specifications
  • Provided opinion of probable cost for Owner budget decisions
  • Selected repair products based on previous repairs and contractor input
  • Completed initial review through winter months

Potential safety concerns from loose materials prompted immediate field observations from swing stage scaffolding. As observations were completed, Barber & Hoffman directed the contractor to remove loose materials to minimize safety hazards. Barber & Hoffman then compiled our findings and communicated the information to the LMHA Board through comprehensive reports and field notes that detailed specific repair items observed. Following preliminary repair recommendations and cost analysis, the Board authorized Barber & Hoffman to produce fa?ade repair construction documents and specifications for both buildings. Document creation involved a review of each building’s repair history, including investigation into the particular products that have been applied to each building for repair compatibility. Product investigation led directly to working with the contractor to select proper repair materials. Barber & Hoffman continued to be involved during construction phases through regular site visits with swing-stage scaffolding observations and written reports for the Owner.

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