Hospital Addition and Renovation


  • 25,000-sq.-ft. 4th floor addition on top of existing surgery wing
  • Complete removal of existing eastern fenestration; replaced with brick/ window panelized system
  • Conducted seismic feasibility study

Obstetrics Replacement Project scope included the addition of a new 25,000 sf 4th floor on top of the existing Surgery Wing. The original building was constructed in 1983 with provisions for three additional floors without seismic requirements. Current building codes require that an existing building with a new addition must comply with current seismic provisions. Barber & Hoffman conducted a seismic feasibility study to determine the impact of the new addition onto the existing construction and the future vertical expansion of the building as envisioned with the original design. Our study concluded that both the existing building and the new addition would meet the seismic requirements if vertical expansion were limited to two floors instead of three floors. The floor system for the 4th floor addition and the future 5th floor consisted of concrete composite slab on composite metal deck supported on composite steel beams with steel columns. The new columns were erected and welded to the existing columns’ cap plates. The building frame supports a combination of brick and curtain wall facade. Steel hung lintels were utilized to support brick facade at the building’s strip windows.

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