A New Bed Tower Addition


  • 171,000-sq.-ft. addition
  • Addition included a 140’-pedestrian bridge
  • Situated on the side of a hill

The 171,000-square-foot addition opened for business in November 2000. The addition replaced and modernized the hospital’s medical and surgical patient rooms. The new addition connects to the existing building through a wide, long corridor which opens to a beautiful atrium featuring stainless steel and glass handrails and architecturally exposed structural steel floating monumental stairs. The addition included a 140’ pedestrian bridge connecting the new addition to the employee parking structure. The three-pod structure featured four stories of new construction with provisions for a future fifth floor. Situated on the side of a hill, we had to deal with the steep hillside. There are actually two basement levels. The building frame utilized composite slabs on deck supported on composite steel beams and transfer plate girders. X-braced frames in combination with rigid moment frames were employed to resist lateral forces from wind and seismic loads.

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