FedEx Ground is a industry leader in providing overnight and freight delivery. The project met the expanding need to provide these delivery services throughout the country. The facility serves as the corporate and operational headquarters and communication center.


  • Entrance and cafeteria expansions are two-story high spaces with extensive curtain wall facades and skylight roof systems
  • Three-story atrium area was vertically expanded above the existing loading dock without disrupting operations
  • The 5-story addition is the tallest section of the facility

The addition is a five-story 156,000-square-foot expansion to the existing facility, which included mainly open office areas, as well as a three-story atrium, and expansion to the existing cafeteria. The addition also created a new main entrance area for the facility. The existing loading dock roof structure was converted to the new atrium lobby. The pre-cast concrete facade mimicked the original design intent and was designed to be supported by the structure. The structure is steel-framed with composite floor beams and girders. The typical 32-foot by 32-foot bay sizes simplify the open-floor plan throughout the addition. The roof structure includes steel framing with roof deck. The massive 200,000 pound air-handling unit is visually screened at all sides of the addition. The foundations utilize a combination of small caisson and column footings bearing on rock. Since the completion of the addition, Barber & Hoffman has provided additional services for their expanded data center, installation of high density filing systems and various other structural assessments.

West Elevation From Parking Area Nearly Completed Cafeteria Nearly Completed Atrium Above Existing Loading Dock Atrium Adjacent to Cafeteria

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