The four-story 12,500 square-foot reinforced masonry bearing wall building expanded the existing senior housing facility.


  • Initial condition assessment performed to determine most of original structure to be demolished.
  • Reconstruction maximized building footprint on dense urban site.
  • The existing un-reinforced masonry street fa?ade was maintained during entire construction.
  • New wood and masonry fa?ade compliments existing fa?ade.

LifeSpan, Inc. has been assisting adults over the age of 60 since 1972. It provides life transition management through education, support and advocacy. They believe in providing services that are affordable, essential and innovative., which allows their adults to maintain their dignity and enrich their lifes. Heritage Court is a long-term elderly housing facility located within an urban environment. Most of the existing four-story un-reinforced masonry bearing wall structure was demolished. No existing drawings were available for the design phase of the project. A new four-story building was designed and built on the same site. The new structure is a combination of wood- and steel-floor and roof framing with reinforced masonry bearing walls. To attain redevelopment funding, the front fa?ade of the existing building was retained and attached to the new structure. Restoration of the existing masonry was also performed. The project also included renovated fa?ade of the adjacent two-story administration building.

Completed Main Elevation Nearly Completed Demolition

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