Four-story, granite-clad facility used for research and treatment


  • Fast-tracked steel frame construction
  • Connecting bridge to existing oncology building across E. 90th St.
  • Hydraulic slab design required for basement
  • Irregular and curvilinear floor plans

The new Cancer Center, which is the gateway to the Cleveland Clinic along Euclid Avenue from the west, is a four-story, granite-clad facility used for research and treatment. A pedestrian bridge and node at the existing oncology building is part of this project. The completed project will be a 210,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility, at a construction cost of $50,000,000. The building’s north elevations have irregular curvilinear profiles with setbacks occurring at the third, fourth, and roof levels. The unique shape provides a challenge for developing the framing system. With a construction manger as part of the team and a fast-track schedule, a steel frame was selected for the structural system. A basement is located under 50 percent of the building and used to house mechanical and electrical equipment, as well as a treatment center. The basement floor elevation is below the ground water table requiring a hydraulic slab to resist the hydrostatic ground water pressure.

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